What's in your bag? The answer varies from woman to woman depending on what she considers a necessity, how much space she has in her bag, and where she is headed. Often when women are restricted to bring only a handful of items they need to store only essential items. No matter where you go, we hope this list help keep you prepared and traveling light.

Essential #1

Cards/ Cash

Cards, meaning credit card, debit card, metro card, and IDs. These should be a no brainer. You never want to leave the house without some form of payment and identification. We personally recommend bringing some cash and quarters as well. You never know when you'll need them for a parking meter, especially in the city.

Essential #2


Trust us, you don't want be that person breaking into your own home at the end of the night. Bring your car and house keys and give yourself a peace of mind. 

Essential #3

Hair ties/ pins 

You've styled your hair beautifully, checked yourself out in the mirror a couple of times, maybe even snapped a few hundred selfies with your bestie. When you arrive at the wedding venue it all seems great till the humidity kicks in. These little things can save you from a hair disaster. You'll be kicking yourself for forgetting something so small yet so essential. 

Essential #4

Travel Sized Makeup/ Perfume

Full sized makeup will take up far too much space. To keep it light, we recommend travel sized makeup. No need to bring your highlight and contour palette, keep it to a minimum. Bring a travel sized lipstick for after dinner touch ups and powder/ concealer to keep your complexion looking fresh through the night. 

Essential #5


 While you won't be needing it for most of the evening, you never know when you may need to reach out to someone or call an Uber. Either way, be prepared and keep your phone on hand.