Our favorite stars walk the red carpet, look glamorous and carry themselves with ease. After much observation, I’ve decided to share five popular ways celebrities carry their hand bags in order to make the rest of our lives easier!

1. The Corner Clutch:

Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globe Awards. Photo Courtesy purseblog.com

Kerry Washington at the 2013 Emmy Awards. Photo Courtesy:  jillpineda.blogspot.com

2. The Two-Handed Clutch

Posh, royal, well-composed and graceful describe this approach. Although not common, the two-handed clutch displays authority. Keeping a straight posture and hands in front evokes maturity, especially since it avoids the "skinny arm" pose. This approach is commonly seen with royalty and elder women. 

Kate Middleton. Photo Courtesy: jillpineda.blogspot.com

Jane Fonda at the 2016 Golden Globes. Photo Courtesy purseblog.com

 3. The Bottom Clutch 

This is a common way to carry a clutch, especially at weddings. For the bottom clutch approach, grab the bag from the front, leave the thumb out in front and wrap the rest of your fingers behind the bag. The bottom clutch is better for a heavy clutch because It avoids the bag from slipping out of your hands!

 Jessica Alba. Photo Courtesy chloetrends.cn

Anna Kendrick at 2016 Grammy Awards. Photo Courtesy purseblog.com

4. The Arm Clutch

This is great for times you need both hands, like a cocktail hour. Simply hold the clutch a few inches below the armpit and clutch the bag using your side and your arm. 

5. The Chain Clutch

My personal favorite is the chain clutch. No clutching involved at all! Simply attach your bag's chain to its hinges and you're free to use both hands. 

Chain Clutch